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Konfido offers the establishment of companies with a broad international nature as SARLs and SAs.

We are proud to provide unique services beyond any of our competitors since more than 25 years.

Each of the companies we set up is 100% guaranteed to have a multi- currency multi-currency current account

Luxembourg Services

Company Formation

Fast and efficient company formation through our local professionals and according to your needs. Free initial advice included.


Obtaining a licence is a task that requires an in-depth knowledge of the market. We support your business with locally-based professionals.

Multi-Currency Account

Our companies are operational from day one thanks to the guarantee of a multi-currency current account in the company's name.


Accounting, bookkeeping services and tax advice from our chartered accountants specialising in international businesses.


Konfido works with all leading EU insurers to offer the compulsory and optional insurances required to operate and be resident in Luxembourg.

Wealth Management

We provide a comprehensive service for managing your wealth through our sister company Ephelia Capital for managing or growing your portfolio.

Company Address

Real and operative domicile in line with current regulations. From a simple registered office to a staffed operational office.

Local Director

A guarantee of integrity and efficiency. Lux-based directors to ensure full operability. Required for obtaining a Bank Account


For our online e-commerce customers, Konfido helps to setup payment gateway solutions for selected business sectors.

Work and Resident VISA

We can support from start to finish the process of obtaining individual or family residence or work permits from any country of origin.

Real Estate

For years we have been cooperating with developers and leading brokers to help our customers select the most suitable house or office for their needs.

Asset Protection

Through our wealth and trustee experts, Konfido provides comprehensive and accurate advice on wealth and financial protection services.

  • Is the first consultation free of charge?
    Yes, the first consultation is always free of charge and is aimed at checking whether your needs can be taken care of. If you do not intend to purchase anything, there will be no charge.
  • I would like to better understand how the office works.
    The office will be divided into two: The Registered Office: the one where you will receive both administrative and operational correspondence. All correspondence will be scanned and entered into an App where it will be available for viewing. The Operational Office: the various tax authorities are increasingly fighting shell companies. Having a company that does not have at least one desk with a nameplate means having a short life. The closing ratio of companies that do not comply with this requirement is increasingly becoming higher. The desk at the fiduciary or lawyer's is less and less accepted. That is why Konfido provides real offices that comply with the new requirements of the tax authorities. Obviously the above does not apply for companies requiring financial licences or similar. In this case an own office with own staff is mandatory.
  • I do not see any online pricing. How much does it generally cost to incorporate a company with you?
    Companies that advertise prices online have the sole purpose of attracting the customers. Konfido provides free consultation to understand its customers' needs and may even advise against setting up a company. Konfido provides you with a tailor-made solution that reflects your expectations and above all is tailored to what you want to do. This is the reason why, before giving you a quotation, we want to understand your needs.
  • Is the Current Account Guaranteed? How do you guarantee it?
    After the initial consultation, we share the needs and operations with the financial institution providing the current account in order to obtain an approval in principle. Only after we are confident that the account will be opened do we start the set-up. In case there are any problems we will handle it all before you have spent any money.
  • Do you also offer solutions for e-commerce companies?
    Yes of course, we can support the whole part of opening an account for VISA and Mastercard debit and credit cards. We also support IT projects with a company that is part of our group.
  • How long does it take to set up the company in the UK?
    Generally about two days. Of course, it all depends on the company structure and how quickly you provide us with the documents we request.
  • Do I need a residence or work permit to live in the UK after Brexit?
    Yes, you need permission to live in the UK. Whilst EU passport holders can still visit Britain without a visa, they no longer have the automatic right to live and work in the United Kingdom. EU citizens visiting for certain business activities can stay in the UK without a visa for up to 6 months. The types of activities permitted include attending meetings and events. However, visa-free business travellers cannot: Carry out paid or unpaid work for a UK company or on a self-employed basis Do a work placement/internship Sell goods or services directly to the public The UK government has implemented a points-based immigration system for people travelling to Britain from Europe to work. This new system treats EU and non-EU workers equally. Konfido can help with obtaining a residence permit in the UK.
  • What is the minimum share capital required to open a company in the UK?
    The United Kingdom has a company system with optional share capital. An English company can be incorporated with £1 of capital
  • What are the corporate taxes in the UK?
    Corporation Tax in the UK is a corporate tax levied on the annual profits made by UK resident companies and branches of overseas companies. The UK Corporation Tax rate is currently 25% for all limited companies VAT standard rate is 20%
  • Can I open a company in the UK if I am not a UK resident?
    Yes, it is possible to open a company in the UK even if you are not resident. However, you cannot work without a VISA permit and it is strongly advisable to appoint a tax representative and a director resident in the UK to manage the company and open a Bank Account.

What our customers say about us

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Donna Tra Gli Alberi

Anna, Argentina

I wanted to expand my online cosmetics business from Argentina to the European and Middle Eastern continent. Due to licensing issues, I needed to do this without initially being an owner. I thought it would take months. It took a few weeks with Konfido.

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